Cynthia D. Hilaire – A Sit Down With Cyn: Monologues For Black Girls

I’m sitting at home watching reruns of Martin and my phone vibrates to notify me a beautiful Black queen named Cynthia D. Hilaire sent me an email. While reading her email, she mentioned she had a book coming out called, A Sit Down With Cyn: Monologues For Black Girls. Anyone who is close to meContinue reading “Cynthia D. Hilaire – A Sit Down With Cyn: Monologues For Black Girls”

Kimberly Newman – Mabry (The O Coach) Sex Talk With A Sassy Classy Sophisticated Woman

Ms. Kimberly Newman – Mabry is known as The O-Coach, a very pleasant and fun person to speak with. Kim is a subject matter expert when it comes to talking about sex, she is a consultant for a company called Pure Romance which she will get into during the interview and its through this companyContinue reading “Kimberly Newman – Mabry (The O Coach) Sex Talk With A Sassy Classy Sophisticated Woman”

Auketria Manor – On Writer’s Block

Have you ever wanted to write and publish a book but like me you didn’t know where to start. You hear about all these steps ranging from editing, IBN + Bar Codes, Copyright Registration and additional requirements then your head starts spinning because there’s so much to learn. Well, now that we’re in the middleContinue reading “Auketria Manor – On Writer’s Block”

Shronda Armstrong – The Q – Chat With Geaux Queen

So I was scrolling through Instagram and I came across a beautiful black Queen named Shronda Armstrong who goes by the name Geaux Queen on Instagram. While doing some research about her I discovered so many similarities between us such as; not yearning to fit in with the crowd, she and I both experienced havingContinue reading “Shronda Armstrong – The Q – Chat With Geaux Queen”

Angela Evans – A Woman With A Purpose

Angela is someone who has supported me from the beginning during the time of me having my clothing line and internet radio show. When I first started my entrepreneurial journey I met Angela at an event and we both had similar interest in spreading positivity to others through our business ventures.  She asked if IContinue reading “Angela Evans – A Woman With A Purpose”

Elizabeth Miner – Thriving With Coach Elizabeth Miner

I met Elizabeth through Instagram after she posted about her book that she is currently working on, I left a comment on her post and from there the rest is history. We set up a meeting on Zoom to talk about the current book I’m writing and we just clicked, she was fun, vibrant, informativeContinue reading “Elizabeth Miner – Thriving With Coach Elizabeth Miner”

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