Monique Cartwright – A Conversation With The Queen Of Curves (Ms. Nique)

So this Queen is definitely Sassy Classy And Sophisticated and her name is Monique Cartwright also known as Ms. Nique. She is a proud mom, wife, published fashion model and she made her debut as a video model in the hit video “Beautiful” by Lamont Starr. Ms. Nique has no shame embracing her curves andContinue reading “Monique Cartwright – A Conversation With The Queen Of Curves (Ms. Nique)”

Lady J – A Place For Brown Girls

Lady J and I crossed paths on Instagram when I first started my IG page for ASCSW. She was one of the first people to follow me and show support while I was getting my blog and Instagram page off the ground. What I love about her page is the fact she talks about selfContinue reading “Lady J – A Place For Brown Girls”

Shronda Armstrong – The Q – Chat With Geaux Queen

So I was scrolling through Instagram and I came across a beautiful black Queen named Shronda Armstrong who goes by the name Geaux Queen on Instagram. While doing some research about her I discovered so many similarities between us such as; not yearning to fit in with the crowd, she and I both experienced havingContinue reading “Shronda Armstrong – The Q – Chat With Geaux Queen”

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