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Nina Monique – The Sassy Classy Sophisticated Dream Chaser

Have you ever wished you were Dorothy from The Wizard Of Oz and possessed the ability to click your heels three times to be transported to someplace else? Well, I have been doing that since 2014 after visiting Los Angeles, California. After wishing and clicking my heels more than three times everything came together andContinue reading “Nina Monique – The Sassy Classy Sophisticated Dream Chaser”

Monique Cartwright – A Conversation With The Queen Of Curves (Ms. Nique)

So this Queen is definitely Sassy Classy And Sophisticated and her name is Monique Cartwright also known as Ms. Nique. She is a proud mom, wife, published fashion model and she made her debut as a video model in the hit video “Beautiful” by Lamont Starr. Ms. Nique has no shame embracing her curves andContinue reading “Monique Cartwright – A Conversation With The Queen Of Curves (Ms. Nique)”

Dr. Sha-Lai Williams – Dropping Nuggets You Didn’t Know You Needed

Hey everyone, I have to be honest I’m not a huge fan of social media but I’m meeting some of the most coolest and inspirational people on Instagram. Since I’m not branching out into the world like I used to due to Covid my new networking tool is IG and I have to say, I’mContinue reading “Dr. Sha-Lai Williams – Dropping Nuggets You Didn’t Know You Needed”

Lady J – A Place For Brown Girls

Lady J and I crossed paths on Instagram when I first started my IG page for ASCSW. She was one of the first people to follow me and show support while I was getting my blog and Instagram page off the ground. What I love about her page is the fact she talks about selfContinue reading “Lady J – A Place For Brown Girls”

Twyla M. Marks – Talks With Twyla

I learned about Twyla while scrolling through Instagram. I came across her IG live, Talks With Twyla while she was discussing how to maintain your mental health during the pandemic with her guest for the evening. I tuned in because I’m an advocate for mental health stemming from my own experience with depression and rightContinue reading “Twyla M. Marks – Talks With Twyla”

Shronda Armstrong – The Q – Chat With Geaux Queen

So I was scrolling through Instagram and I came across a beautiful black Queen named Shronda Armstrong who goes by the name Geaux Queen on Instagram. While doing some research about her I discovered so many similarities between us such as; not yearning to fit in with the crowd, she and I both experienced havingContinue reading “Shronda Armstrong – The Q – Chat With Geaux Queen”