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Lady J – A Place For Brown Girls

Lady J and I crossed paths on Instagram when I first started my IG page for ASCSW. She was one of the first people to follow me and show support while I was getting my blog and Instagram page off the ground. What I love about her page is the fact she talks about selfContinue reading “Lady J – A Place For Brown Girls”

Twyla M. Marks – Talks With Twyla

I learned about Twyla while scrolling through Instagram. I came across her IG live, Talks With Twyla while she was discussing how to maintain your mental health during the pandemic with her guest for the evening. I tuned in because I’m an advocate for mental health stemming from my own experience with depression and rightContinue reading “Twyla M. Marks – Talks With Twyla”

Shronda Armstrong – The Q – Chat With Geaux Queen

So I was scrolling through Instagram and I came across a beautiful black Queen named Shronda Armstrong who goes by the name Geaux Queen on Instagram. While doing some research about her I discovered so many similarities between us such as; not yearning to fit in with the crowd, she and I both experienced havingContinue reading “Shronda Armstrong – The Q – Chat With Geaux Queen”

Angela Evans – A Woman With A Purpose

Angela is someone who has supported me from the beginning during the time of me having my clothing line and internet radio show. When I first started my entrepreneurial journey I met Angela at an event and we both had similar interest in spreading positivity to others through our business ventures.  She asked if IContinue reading “Angela Evans – A Woman With A Purpose”

Elizabeth Miner – Thriving With Coach Elizabeth Miner

I met Elizabeth through Instagram after she posted about her book that she is currently working on, I left a comment on her post and from there the rest is history. We set up a meeting on Zoom to talk about the current book I’m writing and we just clicked, she was fun, vibrant, informativeContinue reading “Elizabeth Miner – Thriving With Coach Elizabeth Miner”

Kimberly Jones Wise – A Place For Us

Kim and I have been friends for some time now and to be truthfully honest I lost track of the years. When Kim and I first met we use to ride public transportation together from our hometown to New York City for work. She and I shared the same feelings about commuting which we hatedContinue reading “Kimberly Jones Wise – A Place For Us”

Natasha Nurse – A Woman That Is Truly WokeNFree

I’ve known Natasha for a few years now and she helped me with two projects I created which was a clothing line and internet radio show. She pretty much took me under her wing and mentored me, provided guidance on networking, managing social media, branding, tapping into my creative side and encouraged me to prettyContinue reading “Natasha Nurse – A Woman That Is Truly WokeNFree”

Danella Sparks – Sophisticated Fitness

Danella and I met at a Meetup a few years back when I started Nina Monique Voluptuous Boutique which was my clothing line I started back in 2012. She was such a pleasant soul inside and out. Danella also did modeling for my clothing line and was truly fun, energetic and professional not to mentionContinue reading “Danella Sparks – Sophisticated Fitness”

Shonda Smith – Doing The Extraordinary

I met Shonda about 3 or 4 years ago at an event she organized for the Innocence Project which is a non-profit organization that helps wrongfully convicted people get exonerated through DNA for crimes they didn’t commit. Right from the beginning she and I just clicked which then started a friendship. She is a trueContinue reading “Shonda Smith – Doing The Extraordinary”