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Monique Cartwright – A Conversation With The Queen Of Curves (Ms. Nique)

Monique Cartwright aka Ms. Nique
Red Hat: Timothy Phillips

So this Queen is definitely Sassy Classy And Sophisticated and her name is Monique Cartwright also known as Ms. Nique. She is a proud mom, wife, published fashion model and she made her debut as a video model in the hit video “Beautiful” by Lamont Starr. Ms. Nique has no shame embracing her curves and is truly proud of what God blessed her with. She is labeled as the “the boutique killa,” because she can wear multiple sizes ranging from XL- 3XL and having this ability definitely makes her the perfect model for designers and/or boutique owners. After relaunching her modeling career back in 2016, this gorgeous Queen has been published in many magazines and was featured by the Bailey Agency in 2017 as the June Curvy Model of the Month. Get ready to learn more about this Sassy Classy Sophisticated Sexy Woman.

ASCSW: Monique, thank you for allowing ASCSW to interview you. You’re so beautiful and I’m so excited that myself and the readers will be able to learn more about the Sassy Classy Sophisticated Monique Cartwright.  I’m ready to jump into this interview, you ready?

MONIQUE: Absolutely ! Lets go!

ASCSW: I would like to start off the interview talking about you (Monique).  First, I have to ask how you are doing? How have you been holding up through all the craziness taking place in the world right now? Has Covid interfered with any part of your career?

MONIQUE: Hi there, I am doing GREAT thanks for asking. I have been holding up pretty well due to keeping busy, thank God. Yes, Covid put some opportunities on hold last year, for example I was scheduled to attend shows outside of Atlanta as well as do a few phototours but then here comes COVID. So, those opportunities are on hold for now but other than that brands have been keeping me very busy remotely.

ASCSW: I see your Instagram bio say (Atlanta) is that where you from originally?

MONIQUE: I was born here in the ATL but then my mom relocated to Michigan. I grew up in Michigan but I was always drawn to come back home to my roots, ATL. 

YOU DESERVE this GO have fun!
Green Jumpsuit: Nathan Pearcy

ASCSW: Let’s talk about your journey of becoming a Model. What inspired you to become a Model and how old were you?

MONIQUE: Well, actually when I was 11 my mother took me to one of the largests modeling agencies in Detroit, MI. We had a great interview from what I knew and at the end the representative tells my mom, she is cute but she is too big..she must lose some weight. My mom was not having it and that was that. I participated in a couple of pageants and then life my dream of modeling and pageants were done or at least I thought it was. About 5 years ago, I saw a post on social media for a Curvy Girl Photoshoot here in Atlanta. I was super nervous about attending by myself but I was at a place in my life that I needed and wanted something for ME!! I said to myself that YOU DESERVE this GO have fun! And since that photoshoot, I have been modeling and perfecting my craft.

ASCSW: What do you love most about being a Model?

MONIQUE: Learning new things, and perfecting my craft. Some people say “Oh I can do that!! Modeling is easy”… Um, NO it’s not! It’s not all about looking cute, and these agencies not fond of that either LOL… You must do the work, it’s an investment in yourself. 

ASCSW: If you don’t mind sharing, what were some of the challenges and obstacles you encountered along the way while trying to turn your vision of becoming a model into reality?

MONIQUE: Well, I have encountered many that’s for sure. Some of the challenges have been time management for me. Managing being a mom, wife and career woman is hard all in itself and then you add modeling into the equation, it takes patience and a supportive family to make it happen! You MUST have a support system as you will need them for sure. 

ASCSW: With plus size modeling growing and evolving throughout the industry, do you think brands are providing more opportunities for full figured women?

MONIQUE: Yes, they are BUT we still have a long way to go! Size inclusivity in my opinion is more than just carrying that size for someone to be able to order it. I should also be able to see REAL people in your advertisements in those sizes as well. I want to see those sizes down the RUNWAY.. I want to see those sizes on your BILL BOARDS etc. 

ASCSW: I love the pics and videos you have posted on your instagram page, the black and white pic in the body suite is my favorite. From your pics and videos I can tell you’re confident, bold and comfortable in your skin. How do Monique Cartwright define beauty?

MONIQUE: I define beauty as it comes from within!! If you feel beautiful in a tutu and you feel that empowerment from within – wear that TUTU! Whatever makes you feel beautiful from within …that’s beauty! 

Embrace all of YOU.!
Black bodysuit: Will Brown Jr

ASCSW: You are not afraid to show some skin in your pictures and that is a true sign of confidence and saying Fuck everyone’s opinion. What advice would you share with girls/women struggling with body image and low self-esteem?

MONIQUE: Listen- I grew up as the BIG GIRL of the click..she cute but she too big… dont get her pregnant she will BLOW UP…she a big girl dont date her…. DONT DONT DONT.. Is all I heard from people growing up.  I finally realized ..after giving permission for the nurses to pull the plug on my uncle’s breathing machine, as life slipped out of his body, that life was too short and precious to waste any more seconds of it on non-factor individuals.  Everyone has challenges they must face and all of us are struggling with something… and for some, body image is the least of their worries because they may be going through some thing else.  What I want to share with people is that life is short !! You can be with someone one day and then they are GONE the next.. Embrace all of YOU.! You only get one life and to spend your precious moments wondering IF i should do this, will they talk about me wearing this, look at my rolls in that … you are wasting LIFE moments!! Create memories that will make you smile and laugh when you get 80! I will have my memories for sure, I remember when I wore my first bikini, that feeling was like no other!!

ASCSW: In today’s world when you have a large amount of followers on social media you’re considered an Influencer. When you’re an influencer not only are people looking at your product but also your personality, brand, story/journey and possibly seeking advice about something. What that being said, what advice would you share with aspiring Models about breaking into the industry.

MONIQUE: Learn Learn Learn!!! Take classes, learn from the best and practice practice practice. Find your own lane! And work the mess out of that lane lol! And get out of your own way… believe in yourself put those nerves to the side and WERK!! 

ASCSW: With having such a large Instagram following what impact has social media had on your career?

MONIQUE: Brands like to see that you have some form of following. But like I tell people you do not need to have a large following to start working with brands. Do your research and go after them. What’s super important is engagement vs a large following. Brands want to see how you interact with your followers and can you be a value to them.

ASCSW: Now Monique, I know you’re a Fashionista and Brand Ambassador. Can you share with the readers some of the brands you’re an ambassador for?

MONIQUE: Currently, I work with many brands but just to name a few, Livi Rae Lingerie, Giti, Lyfestylz Plus, Kelly’s Kloset, OurGlass Boutique and many more. I will also be working with a swimwear brand this Summer and I can’t wait.

ASCSW: What are some of the latest trends in plus size fashion, right now?

MONIQUE: Animal Prints!! I have so many brands that are stocked with animal prints and I love it!

ASCSW: What are some opportunities you haven’t explored as of yet that you would like to test the waters?

MONIQUE: I would like to work with brands outside of fashion. Example, I love my Arm n  Hammer toothpaste. I would like to work with them. Also, working with a cookware company, I would like to feature them on my Sunday Dinner lives on IG. There are so many more avenues that I have yet to explore, but this year is the year to get it started.

ASCSW: Selfcare is so important. Monique, how do you balance your time between being a mom, wife, model, traveling, doing photoshoots, shooting videos and much more. Do you have any self care rituals?

MONIQUE: Long hot baths !! I absolutely love a nice candle lit bath with music all to myself!! 

ASCSW: When you were growing up was there a woman in your life that you felt represented  A Sassy Classy Sophisticated Woman? If so, what are some of the characteristics they displayed?

MONIQUE: Wow! Yes, I grew up around many classy women but when I got older I realized that YES they were sassy, classy and sophisticated but SEXY women at the same time. I get all my sass from them. We will speak our minds, I get my class from them- I know how to let my actions speak volumes and how to let my body language say it all.. I learned to be sophisticated from them – to wear the latest fashions, fragrances, and to be that Chic woman no matter what size.

A Sassy Classy Sophisticated Woman
Animal Print Dress: Zilla Blakk

ASCSW: Monique you’re a gorgeous, vibrant, driven and ambitious woman which I believe are elements of being A Sassy Classy Sophisticated Woman. In your opinion what do you think makes you A Sassy Classy Sophisticated Woman?

MONIQUE: Well, as I stated above I grew up around women who embodied all of these and who instilled those traits in me. I am all of these traits rolled up in one body.. A curvy body at that! 

ASCSW: Last question. What would you want the readers to take away after reading your interview/story on ASCSW?


ASCSW: Monique, thank you once again for taking the time to speak with ASCSW, I greatly   appreciate you taking time out to talk. I wish you nothing but continued success but before we go is there anything else you like to share with the readers that we may not have touched on?

MONIQUE: No this was a great interview- I had a good time thank you again ! by the way I love the name- Monique (means Advisor).

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