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Kimberly Newman – Mabry (The O Coach) Sex Talk With A Sassy Classy Sophisticated Woman

Kimberly Newman – Mabry (The O Coach)

Ms. Kimberly Newman – Mabry is known as The O-Coach, a very pleasant and fun person to speak with. Kim is a subject matter expert when it comes to talking about sex, she is a consultant for a company called Pure Romance which she will get into during the interview and its through this company she promotes entrepreneurship and women empowerment. She is an advocate for women empowerment and uses her platform to talk about sexual wellness and health for women because she believes all women should learn as much as they can about their bodies. Kim has a bubbly personality which you would notice as soon as you meet her, which explains why she is so loved and the life of the party anywhere she goes. One thing is for sure, if you’re shy and talking to Kim about sex, by the time the conversation is over, you will definitely have a whole new perspective about sex and new personality once she feed your brain with information. She will have you talking about dildos, different sexual positions and sharing tips on how to please your significant other as well as yourself. So join us for this fun and informative interview below.

ASCSW: Hello Kim, I hope all is well. How have you been doing since the last time I saw you? I see you on social media talking about sexual health and products from Pure Romance. I also know you started your own podcast but unfortunately due to the pandemic it was put on hold, correct me if I’m wrong. Still, kudos to you because I know you mentioned when we first met you wanted to start your own podcast. Congrats to you on starting it. Cheers to you!!!! Yasss darling yasss. LOL I’m ready to jump into this interview to talk and to get your advice on some topics.

THE O COACH: Hey Girl! First of all I wanna say thank you so so much for having me! This is such an amazing experience and I am so excited to be here! Let’s get started!

ASCSW: Before the pandemic I know you started a podcast, have you resumed the show? If so tell the readers about your podcast. What is the name of the show? Show time and where the readers can find your show? 

THE O COACH: Actually, after March 14th- that was my first podcast and then due to the pandemic I call  “The Rona” I was no longer able to go into the studio. However, I am trying to work on a pillow talk with my Co-Host Faben, we have been sitting down doing Instagram and  Facebook lives to try and fill in the void. Also, I’ve been researching how to start a podcast at home so I can get it back up and poppin’. The main topic is The Power of Her but I also want to focus on men because they also face challenges in this world and in my opinion you can’t study women without learning about men as well. 

ASCSW: Now let’s talk about your favorite topic and area of expertise, which is sex. So I know you call yourself The O Coach how did you get the catchy name? What is your mission as The O Coach?

THE O COACH: Well, I got the name The O Coach when I was at a team meeting.  Myself and fellow co-workers were joking around when someone said “wouldn’t it be fun to pick cutesy nicknames that stand out to brand ourselves?”. Afterwards a young lady said to me “I’m going to call you The O Coach” and the name been with me ever since. When people ask “Well what does The O Coach mean?” I respond, I am the Orgasm Coach and I can tell you how to have a fabulous one once your fantasy becomes my business. During my journey I’ve picked up some nicknames along the way such as Dr. O, Hoe Coach, one lady calls me Pleasure O, and honestly I enjoy them all. 

Being The O Coach has been an amazing journey and experience it has allowed me to share knowledge, educate and help people who have problems with intimacy. What I normally find people are having issues with when it comes to intimacy is knowing how to keep things spicy and passionate within the relationship. It’s not always about the products, but more so about human interaction and not just with your partner but also with yourself. You have to practice self- love, it is vital to know yourself and your own body which is why I named my brand and conference The Power of Her.

Through my brand I would eventually like to connect men and women to have open dialog and better communication about intimacy and The Power of Her. For example, we know  it may take a woman 20-30 minutes to reach her climax but at times men usually have their adrenaline going and boom it’s over, we as women might say “wait hold up what’s going on?” which can lead to some women questioning if he can hang. It is important to have these conversations so women know, its not uncommon for a man to reach his climax faster and to not think its something wrong with her. Here is another example of why communication and dialog is important. Sometimes, a woman who has one orgasm may need help achieving another, if this happens to be the case communicating with your spouse/significant other about incorporating a bedroom necessity may help. You can use items such as clitoral toys or my enhancement cream called the O and Amp which you apply to the clitoris to have the blood flow to that specific area and then from there you can incorporate a toy as well. Toys are good to have because 80% of women do not achieve an orgasm by penetration therefore that bonding, communicating and dialog with your partner is important to have. What many people fail to realize is Intimacy is not just about sex but also about being as one, having a connection, bonding, being comfortable enough with other to share sexual pleasing moments but in order to get that, once again communication and dialog is a must have. My mission as The O Coach is to help people fall in love with who they are and have the best sex life possible.

ASCSW: How did you become interested in becoming a subject matter expert in sex?

THE O COACH: My co-worker came to work one day and had a penis key chain, I asked “Girl, what are you doing with that key chain?!”she told me she got it from a pleasure party. Later on she said “I can so see you doing this”and my immediate response was “I would never do anything like that! I’ve never been to that type of party and that’s just not for me.” Long story short, from watching others sell novelty toys, I was able to see the income it brought in so I thought to myself, well maybe I can try it and see where it goes. After doing some research I started gaining knowledge, educating myself and learning about sex anatomy. Next, I found myself researching and consulting with Gynecologic Oncologists along with Nurse Practitioners to help enhance my skills and be fully prepared to share information when its time to host or attend parties.

ASCSW: From having previous conversations with you about sex, I know you express the importance of hygiene as well, I mean after all they do go hand and hand. What is the most important piece of advice you can give men and women about sex and hygiene, especially now that Covid-19 is present?

THE O COACH: That’s a good one! I am a stickler on hygiene for oral sex… Be sure to clean your mouth before and after! When your performing oral sex, body fluids are being exchanged, you’re supposed to be sexy, but I understand majority of the time no one is thinking about being sexy only giving or receiving pleasure during intimate moments. It is important to get up immediately after whether you swallow or not and go clean/rinse your mouth out, with any type of sexual encounter you’re supposed to clean yourself before and after regardless if its one night stands, quickies or long love making sessions. Make sure you have Listerine, a toothbrush, soap, washcloth, flavorful condoms, lubes all that good stuff be prepared, clean, safe and responsible. Also, you should definitely go to the bathroom before and after that’s part of hygiene, bacteria builds up in your body after intercourse so be sure to use to the bathroom when you have to go.

ASCSW: Society always had a way of spreading the message that women are to be seen and not heard. Women are supposed to be conservative with no sexual desires nor are we suppose to talk about sex in a raunchy way like men do. Women are shunned upon for living out their sexual fantasies or for having multiple partners like men (no disrespect fellas). How did you develop the courage to talk about sex?

THE O COACH: I became more and more comfortable as the years went on to speak about sex and encourage women to not feel ashamed to talk about sex. It’s important to speak your mind on any topic, especially when it has to do with communicating what you like and don’t like. Back to what I said earlier in the interview, communication is the key because if you don’t communicate you’re never going to get what you’re looking for. I always keep an open dialogue for women at my events and parties, I always ask a woman what she likes when she is looking at products this way I can help her find what she needs. Some women have this “I don’t do that” or “I don’t wear lingerie or perform oral or anal sex” but we as women are no angels! Stop it!!!! Be nasty, be a freak, talk dirty and all that good stuff, unwind, let loose and enjoy yourself because you deserve it!!! Sex can help release stress and sometimes the world is just to much to handle at times, you need to release the stress. Once you get comfortable talking about sex everything else will fall in align with it, there’s nothing wrong with talking about sex, whether its in fun or all seriousness speak your mind.  If you need help, I’m always here for a conversation. 

ASCSW: You’re very much into Women Empowerment and you stressed how important it is to you during your 2019 event Girl Talk All Up In Your Business The Power of Her. The event was in Newark, NJ and I must say I enjoyed myself. Great panel and discussions I learned a lot as well purchased some really cool merchandise from the vendors. How did you come up with this event and what did you find most challenging about putting it together? Also, will you be having another one once the world resumes back to normal, hopefully next year?

THE O COACH: YES! There will definitely be another All Up In Your Business event coming soon. I loved hosting the event, I had a great turn out. I have amazing support. I did not expect the event to be as great as it was. I was stressed out a little bit as I found out people couldn’t make it or when I didn’t see a lot of people buying tickets. I had to change my mindset whether 3 people showed up or 50 I had to be proud of myself and what I created but it turned out to be a great success. The only challenging part was trying to get a particular speaker at the event but the speaker wanted to charge me a lot of money, around $15,000 and I felt I needed to remind them this was my very first event? I got discouraged but then my brain started thinking who can I get to be a guest speaker. After a few minutes of pondering asked two young ladies to be guest speakers, who were also vendors at the event and it turned out to be amazing!

I had supportive co-workers, friends, word of mouth, social media and you know of course you ladies Nina Monique and Tyffani B on your podcast, you promoted it on your page that I was having this event. At first, I was feeling a little down in the dumps and I didn’t tell anyone but my mother because I really didn’t think that I was gonna have a turn out of 85 women!! I am so excited to have my next one be bigger and better than the first, I already started working on one for next year. I can only go up from here, so I am really looking forward to coming up with new ideas (which I already have some) to make a great event. Can I brag, just a little bit about myself, lol, I would just like to say I have accomplished 3 seminars for All Up In Your Business. The seminars were Keeping the Spice Alive, Oh My Menopause, and The V Chat. They were all successful and I look forward to doing more. Keeping the Spice Alive was my first one that was done for both women and men so I have already started incorporating men and reaching my goals. 

ASCSW: I know you are a consultant for Pure Romance. Can you tell the readers about Pure Romance and services offered? Also, what made you want to join Pure Romance?

THE O COACH: SO MUCH! Patty Brisben started out in her home raising four children as a single mom working in a doctor’s office, like myself. She is the Founder of Pure Romance and her son Chris Cicchinelli is the CEO, he is really cool and keeps us all motivated in the Pure Romance Company who has been in business for 26 years and they’re based out of Cincinnati, OH. When I say they give us a wealth of education and train us, you would think that we had college degrees! The way our consultants go out and service women with what they need is amazing and I love it.

ASCSW: You posted on your social media that you had kids early on in your life and you made the choice to drop out of school to take care of your children. You also mentioned that now you are working on obtaining your Bachelor’s Degree and also you’re an entrepreneur, which is amazing and I have nothing but the utmost respect for you. My question is, what would you tell women and young girls who feel they don’t have what it takes to begin making the changes in their life they want to see? What would you tell them about self confidence and following through with their goals/dreams regardless of what they’re going through?

THE O COACH: I would tell them to change your mindset. Don’t think that you’re going to be stuck and trapped in this situation that your in forever. I was in high school when I started having children, I was in an abusive relationship and it was just filled with drama. There was a point in time where I was asking myself, was I ever going to be something? Will I be able to get through this? With prayer and shifting your mindset you can conquer the world! You have to be in control of your own mind, set goals and to do that you can create vision boards or journal, but most importantly you have to surround yourself with good, productive, motivating, supportive, goal driven, hard working people. You have to listen and pay attention, that’s how I learned a lot in life by listening and pay attention. I think that’s what God blessed me with the ability to listen and pay attention that’s how I empowered myself. I overcame domestic violence, I was left to die in coma but I got through it. After that experience I was able to see things differently and that experience help make me the woman I am today, fearless bold, outspoken with a passion to live life to the fullest. I always say keep going, keep fighting you can you can do it and remember change start with your mindset, once you begin to adjust everything in your mind, your environment will slowly start to align with your visions and thoughts. We all have the power to change our situations but you have to believe you have the power to do so.

ASCSW: How do you prioritize your time between being a mother, working, hosting pure romance parties as well as your own event, coaching, earning your degree, doing speaking engagements, hosting parties, hosting your podcast and then finding time for yourself? Do you have any self care rituals?

THE O COACH: I have too many self-care rituals to count!! The first thing I do is get up as early as possible. My body already know to wake up at 5:30 am so I can start my rituals. Meditation is important, it starts my day off. The first 20 seconds will set the tone for that day. I have to wake up with gratitude and give thanks that I was able to put my feet on the ground. I normally either listen to something that is motivating or listen to something that’s going to give me a positive feeling, I have to feed myself positive thoughts in the morning before I walk out of the door to change and prepare my mindset for the day. I enjoy my ginger tea, have sea moss daily and take my vitamins.

ASCSW: When everything is all said and done what do you want people to remember you for? What legacy do you want to leave behind?

THE O COACH: That I have a beautiful heart. I listen. I also want to be remembered for the positive energy I put out for others. I would like to be remembered for those things.What are some of the things you’re doing to help uplift and inspire others?

ASCSW: What are some of the things you’re doing to help uplift and inspire others?

THE O COACH: I love to be positive all the time. I always try to see the good in all situations. I communicate with others and I want them to feel comfortable around me. I also keep a warm and positive environment for everyone I come in contact with. I try to keep people motivated like I’m a role model for some people. I feel as though that I am up lifting because of my energy.

ASCSW: When you were growing up was there a woman in your life that you felt represented  A Sassy Classy Sophisticated Woman? If so, what are some of the characteristics they displayed that made them A Sassy Classy Sophisticated Woman? 

THE O COACH: One beautiful woman in my life, my mother, has definitely represented and still does A Sassy Classy Sophisticated Woman! She has been my biggest role model growing up. She has made a huge impact on shaping me into being the woman I am today. Her hard work, dedication, love, and care makes her A Sassy Classy Sophisticated Woman. She is an amazing woman and I am forever grateful to have her by my side always!

ASCSW: Kimberly Newman – Mabry tell everyone what makes you A Sassy Classy Sophisticated Woman? I have a few things but I rather you answer lol.

THE O COACH: Well, sometimes I just want to be conservative. Then, I like that sexiness about myself because I know how I am. You know I love how guys flirt with me and I’m just so sassy like that. I am definitely flirtatious, I love to flirt no matter what the age is. I’m not ratchet, I’m just that classy boujie and sassy chic and I love it. I love to keep myself well put together and I just feel so sophisticated when I do. Honestly, I’m not into wearing a lot of makeup but I’ll rock that perfect shade of lipstick. That lipstick is everything! I’ll put on a little bit of blush and keep my hair tight. That’s another thing my mom taught me is to always have your hair done and keep your clothes right.

ASCSW: Last question. What would you want the readers to take away after reading your interview/story on ASCSW?

THE O COACH: Be yourself, love yourself, keep a positive mind and positive mindset. Keep your energy right. You know every day is not a sunny day, you’re gonna have a cloudy day, you’re going to have a tornado, you’re gonna have a hurricane. Hell, maybe you’ll have a volcano and everything is just gonna blow up, but still maintain balance and keep yourself healthy! Don’t let others come in and steal your joy, OK boo?

ASCSW: Kim, thank you once again for taking the time to speak with ASCSW, I greatly appreciate you taking time out to talk. I wish you nothing but continued success but before we go is there anything else you like to share with the readers that we may not have touched on?

THE O COACH:  Again, thank you!! For having me and inviting me to come and chat with you, it was SO fun! Don’t forget! Your fantasy is my business and I am ALWAYS here to help you achieve your greatest O!

Website and social media information:


IG: theocoach_69

FACEBOOK: Tasteful Boutique By The O! Coach

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