Natashia Wilson – Co-Author Of Voices From The Edge An Anthology

Co-Author Natasha Wilson

It is amazing what we can overcome in our lives. The next time you are thinking about a difficult challenge you are dealing with, you need to breathe and remember that you are not alone. We all face trials and tribulations in our life. It is how you deal with the really hard stuff that sets you apart in this world. 

I would like to introduce everyone to Wilson Shantae known by her friends and family as Natashia Wilson. At the age of 38 years old she is a Sex Trafficking Survivor and Advocate for other women who has endured this traumatic experience. I know Natashia personally and she is not afraid to share her story/journey, Natashia was just fourteen when she was introduced to prostitution and continued until she was 35. After deciding to leave prostitution behind she obtained her GED and Associate of Arts degree in Human Services from Chattanooga State Community College.

Natashia is aspiring to become a motivational speaker and wants to start a support group called Square Girls which she hopes will bring survivors and advocates together to provide support and build a stronger community for women in the sex industry. This is not only her personal passion coming from experience, but also a critical issue in every community. This issue is much bigger than many people realize, and one that needs to be addressed critically.

Natashia, has recently become a co-author of Laura Browns book called Voices From the Edge An Anthology which will be out soon. For more information about the book scroll down and afterwards use the link to pre-order a copy with co-author Natashia Wilson.

About Voices From the Edge An Anthology

Laura Brown Presents Voices From The Edge

2020 was the year that shook the world to its core. From a rise in police brutality to the COVID-19 Pandemic, these extraordinary events created an environment of tension and insurmountable strife. The Voices from the Edge Anthology is a brilliant interpretation of the complexities of political divisions, racial and ethnic disparities, and socioeconomic inequalities. Voices from the Edge showcases an eclectic group of writers and poets who speak of 2020 through their individual lenses. Each is telling a unique story of personal struggle, self-reflection, and a retelling of unrest and anguish that ran rampant through not only the U.S. but the world.

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