Elizabeth Miner – Thriving With Coach Elizabeth Miner

Coach Elizabeth Miner

I met Elizabeth through Instagram after she posted about her book that she is currently working on, I left a comment on her post and from there the rest is history. We set up a meeting on Zoom to talk about the current book I’m writing and we just clicked, she was fun, vibrant, informative and she shared advice along with resources to help me along with the process of writing and publishing my book. Elizabeth has spent her life turning the obstacles and experiences she encountered during her journey into an established process to prove that you too can have the life of your dreams. She took a year of her retirement in her 30’s and moved abroad to an island, to leave her 9-5 at one of the most prominent companies in the world and traded it in for a life on tropical beaches while running her own business. Elizabeth is truly a force to be reckoned with if you’ve been looking for help to accomplish your goals and to set you on the path to your dream life.  

ASCSW: Hello Elizabeth, I hope all is well. I really enjoyed our zoom meeting and thank you so much for the resources you shared with me. How have you been doing since our zoom meeting? I see you on instagram promoting positive information about entrepreneurship and your podcast Entrepreneurs IRL. Let’s jump into this interview to talk and to get your advice on some topics.

Elizabeth: I loved our call and getting a chance to know you a bit! I love it when I meet people it just feels like we’ve been friends for a while. I’ve been doing well since we met and I’ve got a lot on things going on in my business but it’s all really energizing.

ASCSW: I would like to start off our interview talking about your podcast Entrepreneurs IRL? Can you share with the readers the purpose/mission behind your podcast? I love the name by the way because we all have to thrive everyday and stay purpose driven in order to accomplish our goals and live an effective life.

Elizabeth: The podcast entrepreneurs IRL was really born from working with entrepreneurs that were coming to me feeling like they were doing something wrong because they weren’t making “six figures in six months” and they were tired of all the hustle mentality that is prevalent in the entrepreneur advice. I wanted to provide some balance to the information that is out there and share stories of other entrepreneurs that are showing up day in and day out and how they are facing challenges. Hopefully this helps people feel less alone and provides some ideas for their challenges.

ASCSW: What type of topics can the readers expect to hear when they listen to your podcast?

Elizabeth: I’ve had the benefit of meeting amazing entrepreneurs all around the world and they have pretty amazing stories to share. We’ll be talking about everything from social entrepreneurship to managing to build your business alongside a full-time job and every real situation in between.

ASCSW: When and where can everyone listen to Entrepreneurs IRL?

Elizabeth: The podcast is on all major platforms, Spotify, iTunes, IHeartRadio etc.

ASCSW: You also have a coaching business called Thrive This Day where you create custom built plans/outlines for a client’s life and career to help them reach their goals. Tell us the story behind Thrive This Day, what inspired you to start your business?  

Elizabeth: Thrive This Day began as a life coaching business and that is still a lot of what I do, but it expanded and evolved into more. Clients often come to me when they get to a point in their life and they want to make more impact than what they feel their current job gives them the opportunity to do. Many people began to come up with entrepreneurial ideas and with my 20+ years of experience as an international and domestic corporate paralegal it is something that naturally is a fit. The one thing I do a bit differently I would say is that I do marry both the life and business coaching together because they are so interlaced in my opinion.

ASCSW: What can people look forward to when they reach out to you for coaching? How can people reach out to you for coaching?

Elizabeth: The first thing to expect is a complimentary Discovery Call which they sign up for on my website, ThriveThisDay.com. This gives the client a chance to describe what they are looking for and hope to achieve through coaching with me. I then can provide some thoughts about how I would approach their needs and also some resources or actionable things they can try or consider right away.

After the discovery call I provide a summary of the call and the pricing that would be applicable for them to think about and talk over with anyone they feel would help them make a decision. When they decide they let me know by email or just schedule their first appointment in my calendar and we get to work.

One thing to note is that I do not have packages to buy since every client has their own path and timeline. The client gets to set the schedule that works for their lifestyle and commitment and they are only charged after they receive services.

ASCSW: Tell us a little bit about your book The Flip Side of Failure: Your Complete Goal Success System, what was the experience like for you writing this book? How long did it take you to complete it?

Elizabeth: This first book was kinda a fluke! I never intended to write a book but I was writing out the script and details for a goal workshop I had been giving. I was looking to teach someone to run them in the area since I was planning to move. It just kept building into what looked like a book. I called up a friend of mine who is an editor and I asked him to look at it and he said, yup, we can turn that into a book. That book really didn’t take too long to write and it’s pretty short (under 100 pages) but I’m writing my second book now and it’s a very different process for me!

ASCSW: What were some of the challenges you encountered while writing your book and how did you overcome those challenges?

Elizabeth: So many challenges! First I had to stop telling myself I was not a writer! Words and mindset is really important! I think part of my biggest challenge is that I had no experience with developing a long-form written piece. I had been blogging for years but never created something as long as a book and it’s a whole different thing! Having an editor that was patient with what I didn’t understand and to explain the process was huge! I highly recommend to anyone thinking of writing a book to get with an editor as early as possible to help you know what to expect and make a plan.

A Sassy Classy Sophisticated Woman – Coach Elizabeth Miner

ASCSW: Your energy is very positive, uplifting, empowering, vibrant and very motivating. What advice can you give to people who may have a burning desire to start a business, podcast, write a book, etc., but may feel it’s time consuming, too much work, they’re procrastinating or may be having other negative thoughts?

Elizabeth: First off, thank you, it’s sweet of you to say that. The primary thought I have is if there is a burning desire, I encourage you to honor that! I completely believe if you are really feeling called to do something, it is there for a reason.

Next, the understanding that it is a lot of work and time consuming is real, so really check in to see if this is truly a burning desire or is it the thought of what could be more interesting than the idea itself.

Finally, understand that when you are the owner of the blog, podcast, business etc, you get to set the schedule. If you have a lot on your plate take that into consideration when deciding how much time you want to spend building this. Set your expectations up around what is the amount of time and energy you can dedicate to your new venture and make sure it fits your life and priorities.

ASCSW: During our zoom meeting we talked about surviving in corporate america leaning more towards the importance of mental health and taking the initiative to pursue our dreams. During our discussion I mentioned, I come across a lot of people who are young and old who have dreams of doing other things but are stuck feeling like corporate america is the only way to survive. What advice would you offer someone who wants to switch careers and may or may not know what they actually want to do next? 

Elizabeth: Funny because these are my people!

I usually encourage people to really do some thinking and journaling about their current situation. The goal here is to figure out exactly why they are feeling either stuck or stuck in their career. Understanding if it’s the industry, company, boss or anything particular they are unhappy with gives a starting point.

Then I usually ask them to do an exercise I call the Perfect Day. This helps define what they are looking for in a playful way so that they get out of their head a bit and into their heart. Once we have an idea of what they are aiming at, we can begin to explore and build their life around their perfect day feeling.

ASCSW: How do you prioritize your time between working, being a mother, writing a book or blog, coaching, doing speaking engagements, hosting your podcast, traveling and finding time for yourself? Do you have any self care rituals?

Elizabeth: Right now I have the benefit of my children being grown so the mothering takes a lot less time than it used to when I was a single mother. I have found that chunking out my days is helpful for me. I will schedule large blocks of time for a type of activity and keep myself from bouncing from one thing to another. I also like to try to group activities that require the same type of mindset together; for example, I’ll try to do recordings on the same day, audio for my podcast and video for my youtube channel. I like to  have one or two days a week that I am in meeting mode,I don’t like having a strict schedule but grouping things works well for me. As for self-care I exercise and yoga regularly and I have a morning routine that involves gratitude and planning and I feel it’s very grounding for me.

ASCSW: Once you made up your mind to step out on faith and resign from your 9-5 what steps did you take to exit Corporate America? What did you have to do in order to prepare for this transition?

Elizabeth: This is something that is so important in my opinion. I was running Thrive This Day alongside my paralegal job for about 3 years before I left a steady paycheck. I encourage people to do that always! Building a business while your financial needs are covered by your job Is better than saving for years and quitting to build a business.

When you have to worry about your money running out or that you don’t have enough clients to pay your bills leads to not making the best decisions for your business or clients. As a business owner, and particularly a small business owner, your reputation is a major thing and it’s important to set yourself up so you don’t compromise that.

The other thing I recommend highly is having multiple streams of income generation. This is for everyone regardless if they own a business or not. It’s important that there is a diversity to your income so you are never with all your eggs in one basket. This goes for within your business and outside your business so you are not reliant on your business for your entire financial support.

ASCSW: Entrepreneurship can be a challenging journey and quite lonely at times as we mentioned. What are some of the challenges you faced as an entrepreneur and how did you overcome those challenges? 

Elizabeth: Yes being an entrepreneur can be lonely but it doesn’t have to be, especially now. I encourage people to find groups and other entrepreneurs. It helps to have people to share ideas with and talk about resources and such. It is nice to have people that “get” you because they are walking a similar path and it’s a great way to learn about new software or tools that you might find helpful.

The biggest challenge I have being a solo entrepreneur is having to learn so much all the time. Sometimes it feels like everything has a learning curve that I have to work through to put forth what I want to for my business. From video conferencing software to book keeping, there is always something more to learn even if you eventually hire it out. 

ASCSW: When everything is all said and done what do you want people to remember you for? What legacy do you want to leave behind?

Elizabeth: I don’t really spend too much time thinking about my legacy because I want to make my effect now. My ultimate mission is to help people step into the lives they dream about. Life is so short and I would hate for anyone to be just biding time until the mystical “someday.”

ASCSW: What are some experiences you have encountered so far during your journey of life that has helped you grow into the woman you are now

Elizabeth: It’s probably easier to list what I haven’t experienced at this point. From the time I was seven my mother experienced four cancers and one catastrophic illness so right out of the gate I learned our tomorrows are not guaranteed. That has shaped how I lived my life in many ways. I became a mother at 19 and a single mother at 20, raising two children while living below the poverty line and building my “Perfect Day” brick by brick over the years is how I learned my goal achievement method that I still teach today. There are many experiences in between including taking a year of retirement in my late 30s to go live on an island which have all been experiences I use in my coaching and to learn what is possible. 

ASCSW: You took a risk, a great risk, one that many of us are afraid of taking. You worked as a paralegal before deciding to walk away from your 9-5. You decided to utilize your passport, travel, live in different countries and you’re able to take your business with you anywhere. My question is what would you tell women and young girls who feel they don’t have what it takes to begin making the changes in their life they want to see? What would you tell them about self confidence and following through with their goals/dreams?

Elizabeth: First and foremost I would let them know I am not special and there is nothing I am doing that anyone else couldn’t do if they wanted. Taking time to getting clear on what they really want is one of the first things I think so many need to go back to decide. Doing so though, I would recommend that they don’t worry about how they could get what they want or if it is reasonable. That kills more dreams than anything! Once people have the clarity to know what they want they usually find that they can break it out and accomplish a little at a time. Don’t worry about the whole staircase, just find your staircase and begin taking one step at a time.

ASCSW: Can you share what you think are some of the most hardest things about being a woman and why?

Elizabeth: I’m not sure I can answer that because I feel that all the things we face as women we have the power to use to our benefit. For example, as a woman, even in my home country, I have to be alert to where I’m walking, at what time and my surroundings more so then most men. This actually trained me to be a safer traveler where there are many solo male travelers that I meet who say this is a new process for them. Where they never had to think about these types of things before, for me it’s second nature so it is an advantage in my eyes.

ASCSW: When you were growing up was there a woman in your life that you felt represented  A Sassy Classy Sophisticated Woman? If so, what are some of the characteristics they displayed that made them  A Sassy Classy Sophisticated Woman?

Elizabeth: I am a huge Jacqueline Kennedy fan so I would have to say she would fit that description. She did not hesitate to make sure her voice was heard but she did it in a very classy way. I would also say that Michelle Obama fits that mold for me as well. She does not accept limitations and she uses her voice in support of all people and is always classy about it!

ASCSW: At times I feel as women may not recognize our true value/worth during the early stages of our journey, we could be in situations where we lose sight of who we are to please others or possibly some women just don’t know themselves and self discovery can be a challenging journey. I want to encourage women/young girls to start speaking positive affirmations about themselves. My mission is to have women point out all the positive elements about themselves. With that being said, what do you think makes you A Sassy Classy Sophisticated Woman?

Elizabeth: Hmmmm, I’m not sure. I know I have the sass, I’m just not sure I’m sophisticated!
I am most sassy about helping others ask for the most out of their lives while they are on this spinning globe. Too many people settle and assume things will get better or think things can’t get better and I cannot accept that thought for myself or anyone else. 

ASCSW: Last question. What would you want the readers to take away after reading your interview/story on ASCSW?

Elizabeth: I would simply like to remind you, reader, that there is no one that benefits if you do not shine your light as bright as it gets. You have everything it takes to make the dreams you have a reality, you just need to choose to act on them and stop listening to the voice in your head or anyone that says it’s silly or not possible.

ASCSW: Please provide your website and social media.

Elizabeth: Website: www.ThriveThisDay.com;

Podcast: Entrepreneurs IRL

Instagram: @thrivethisday

ASCSW: Elizabeth, thank you once again for taking the time to speak with ASCSW, I greatly appreciate you taking time out to talk. I wish you nothing but continued success but before we go is there anything else you like to share with the readers that we may not have touched on?

Elizabeth: Thank you so much for inviting me to share a bit about my thoughts about life with your readers.I am grateful for the opportunity and I absolutely love what you are doing here! Keep shining your light Nina!

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