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Danella Sparks

Danella and I met at a Meetup a few years back when I started Nina Monique Voluptuous Boutique which was my clothing line I started back in 2012. She was such a pleasant soul inside and out. Danella also did modeling for my clothing line and was truly fun, energetic and professional not to mention she took some beautiful pictures. She also carries such positive energy with a radiant outlook on life, her mission is to empower women to be themselves and comfortable in their skin regardless of the challenges you may have endured during your journey towards greatness. I want everyone to get to know Danella so check out her interview below to see what she has been up to, I hear it’s a podcast. 

ASCSW: Hello Danella, I hope all is well. It has been a while since we chatted. How have you been holding up during this pandemic? I see you on instagram keeping fit and you have become a influencer promoting health and fitness not just for the body but also mind and spirit as well as starting your own podcast. Congrats on everything. Kudos to you!!!! Yasss darling yasss. LOL

Danella: First I would like to thank you for having me. The pandemic has definitely made a positive and negative impact on my life, However, I am trying to put my focus and time on the positive side of it.That’s where my fitness videos and podcast come into play.  Instead of being home and complaining, I just decided to catch up on the things I love. Too often we put aside our dreams to help others build theirs, helping others is good, but at the same time we are neglecting what could be our legacy. How have you been Nina?, I see you grinding for women. Thank you.  

ASCSW: Tell us about your weekly podcast Diving With Danella? Explain to the readers the purpose/mission behind it? Also, where can everyone go to check out your podcast?

Danella: My podcast Diving with Danella was created to motivate, inspire and make a positive impact in the lives of listeners. I used the word diving because I look at life as though it’s an ocean. The ocean is wide and there’s so many directions you can dive into but even though there’s all of these directions it’s still one pond just like life.  Life is a huge ocean with so many never ending possibilities with so many different aspects of it. Having said that, my podcast  dives into many things we face, for example, physical insecurities, mental health, relationships, things that affect us and things that are good for us. When we go diving we want to see the magical state of the ocean that’s the same way I see life, magical and waiting to be explored. You can check out my podcast on anchor, spotify as well as my blog http://www.danellasparks.com/blog or click the link in my bio.

Sophisticated Fitness

ASCSW: What inspired you to create Diving With Danella? How is it turning out for you?

Danella: My past inspired me to be quite honest. I never had that guidance or anyone really to have conversations with me about what we face in life, I basically had to learn about life on my own. My mom was there but yet not there when it came to certain things and my dad was absent from my life at a young age. I just want to be there for others and share my story to let people know they are not alone. I believe that our trials and tribulations are not meant just for us but to share and help others as well. I believe God have us go through things so we can experience life use the knowledge we gain from the lessons and challenges along the way and then pass the knowledge received on to help inspire others. 

ASCSW: What made you start going to the gym to get your work on? How do you stay motivated to keep going? How long are your workouts? 

Danella: First, it was because of a guy, next because I was planning on joining the military, then it was for the most important reason, myself. Before I was doing it for myself, I was doing it for all the wrong reasons. That is why I never stuck with it, until I learned how to love myself and improve my imperfections. We complain about our imperfections but somehow neglect to even try to fix or improve them. Trust me, it was a process which I fell in love with. I stay motivated by my why, I created a why list, why am I going to the gym and every time I feel discouraged I go back to my why which pumps me up all the time and relite flames on the inside.  I usually workout for about 1 ½. 

Changes starts within

ASCSW: Tell us about some of the people you interviewed on Diving With Danella? 

Danella: I interviewed Yannik on my podcast when I was speaking about relationship. I had him on the show because I wanted a perspective from a male who is knowledgeable about relationships and he was a great fit.  I did not want to seem all baises lol, everyone liked it, I got a lot of positive feedback. Then, for my mothers day podcast I got four moms that shared some positive advice about motherhood.  Maybe you should be on the show one day with me.

ASCSW: What do you think is the most challenging maintaining a podcast? How do you overcome those challenges? 

Danella: It’s not necessarily a challenge. I would say time management and having content that people will enjoy and learn from at the same time. I overcome challenges by telling myself there’s a solution, I just need to switch my thinking, the mind is truly powerful. We can block coming up with solutions by thinking negatively but if we think positively our brain will start looking for solutions to resolve problems. It is important to be aware of the way we think and process things so we can make sure our reality produce the results we are seeking. 

ASCSW: In terms of Legacy and with everything you’re doing to help others through your instagram and podcast platforms, what is the main thing you want people to remember you for? 

Danella: Good question, I want people to remember me as the woman who helped them discover who they are,  with the help of God. In order for us to do anything we need to know who we are, what is our purpose, and in order to do that one must discover who they are. I want to be that person that is known for helping people discover themselves, whether it is through my book which I am currently writing called “Broken To Be Built”, instagram or podcast. When my time on this earth is up, I want my name to still be alive and help others become in sync with who they are. 

ASCSW: What do you think are some of the hardest things about being a woman and why? 

Danella: Some of the hardest things about being a woman is the fact that we are often overlooked, we sometimes feel unsafe and we more seen as a sexual object. Society already has us at a disadvantage because they still believe women should not heard or in the workforce. Next, I feel as a black woman we have to fight ten times harder to be seen, heard, appreciated and accepted in society especially during the climate we are currently in.

ASCSW: What are some things you encountered on your journey of life that has helped you grow into the woman you are? 

Danella: That’s a can of worms lol you just opened. I encountered so much that has helped me. I had my son at a young age, I had no stability in my life at that point, so I had to make a 360 change. My son became my biggest motivator. I got my heart broke which taught me how to love myself and know my worth.

ASCSW: What would you tell people who may have a burning desire to start getting fit, starting a podcast or just enhancing their life but may feel it is time consuming, they’re procrastinating or they may be having other negative thoughts? 

Danella: I always encourage people to start with what they have, we sometimes wait to start doing things when we have all the pieces which could be a recipe for disaster. We don’t need a lot to begin, when we start everything else will fall into place. There is no perfect moment. The type of people we surround ourselves with contribute to procrastinating, it is important to watch the type of people we allow in our circle.   If you have a goal or a dream, go for it, put in the work, when a bump in the road arrives don’t turn around and head back to your starting point look to see if there is another way around it. If you have a vision follow through with it. Nothing good comes easy. 

ASCSW: There may be women and young girls who feel they don’t have what it takes to begin making the changes in their life they want to see. I know you picked up, moved and just gave yourself a new start. What would you tell them about self confidence and following through with their goals/dreams? 

Danella: First I want all women to know regardless of your skin color, size and shape you all are beautiful and unique in your own way, and the sooner you believe that about yourself changes will take place and confidence will come. I was unsure about moving, I was moving to a place where I knew no one, no friends, nothing, but I knew the type of person I am. Sometimes in life you have to distance yourself with familiarity and step into the unknown, there is so much in the unknown but you will never know unless you step outside your comfort zone. I want women who do not believe in themselves to start believing they can do and become anything they want. You already have what it takes but you just have to search deep down inside to develop strength to pursue your goals.   

ASCSW: In your opinion what do you think makes you A Sassy Classy Sophisticated Woman? I reached out to you because I know you personally and your vibe has always been confident, positive, uplifting, supportive, respectful, professional, fun and vibrant which are all elements in my opinion of being A Sassy Classy Sophisticated Woman. I ask this question because my mission is to have women point out all the positive elements about themselves. We are all Queens however some of us may not recognize our true value/worth during the early stages of our journey, we could be in situations where we lose sight of who we are to please others or possibly we just don’t know at all. I want to encourage women/young girls to start speaking positive affirmations about themselves. 

Danella: Thank you. What makes me a ASCSW is my determination, I am a fighter, I believe in fighting for what I want, I am not a quitter. I love to see women motivating and uplifting each other. My past made me who I am. It was hard and rough but I am grateful for it. 

ASCSW: What do you want your readers to take away after reading your interview/story on ASCSW? 

Danella: What I want readers to take away is that they can achieve and become anything they want. I want them to walk away having confidence not being a prisoner to people’s opinion, to never give up and to remember as long as you have breath you have a chance. Know your value and worth. 

ASCSW: Danella, thank you once again for taking the time to speak with ASCSW, I greatly appreciate you taking time out to talk. I wish you nothing but continued success but before we go is there anything else you like to share with the readers that we may not have touched on?

Danella: Thank you for having me, I just want to encourage everyone to stay true to who you are, life is an ocean with many directions, when choosing a direction make sure you are choosing one that you want to go in not because someone wants you to go but because you want to. Have a vision for your life, once you have a vision start planning, step by step. Nothing will be handed to you so work until you own it. Don’t allow people to define who you are, you define who you are. 

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